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(A) Consultation 1. Public Consultation through Osaka Prefecture: 147 companies
2. Public Consultation by Sakai City: 35 companies
3. Public Consultation by Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry: 23 companies
4. Private Consultation: 56 companies and 2 hospitals
5. ISO 9001 Consulting, utilizing KAIZEN: 24 companies
(B) Research and Study Future Vision of the Business World asked by Osaka Prefecture, Sakai City, and Izumi-Otsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
(C) Lectures 1. Cost Reduction through IE(=Industrial Engineering) Techniques
2. Active IE
3. Economic Trend
4. Product Cost Estimation
5. How to Do Kaizen
6. Financial Statement Analysis
7. Total Quality Control and Quality Control
8. Quality Control: Fundamentals and Applications
9. Stock Control Study
10. New Product Development
11. Education and Training for Successors
12. Cost Reduction Strategy

Above-mentioned lectures were mainly organized by:

・Osaka Prefectural Institute for Advanced Industry Development
・Each Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Osaka Prefecture
・Kusatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Kakogawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Japan Small-and-Medium-Sized Management Consultants Association
・Okayama Prefecture Small-and-Medium-Sized Support Center
・Hiroshima Prefecture Small-and-Medium-Sized Support Center

(D) Classes 1. Quality Control
2. Productivity Control
3. Quality Control
4. Productivity Control
5. Preparation class for the first examination of Small-and-Medium-Sized Managemen Consultant Certificate
6. Preparation class for the second examination of Small-and-Medium-Sized Management Consultant Certificate
7. Export Marketing
8. Entrepreneurs in Asia

Above-mentioned classes were mainly organized by:

・Osaka Prefectural Institute For Advanced Industry Development,
・Nippon Manpower Co., Ltd
・Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS)