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Management Consultation
As a regular physical check-up is necessary for all of us, so is regular consultation for all enterprises.

 To assess your company’s management situation, I first analyze its financial statements for the past three to five years before actually visit the company to find out the situation through speaking with various stakeholders. After that, I craft best management strategy for your company and implement it together with your employees.

Main Areas of Management Consulting
・Management Strategy for Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprises
・Operation Improvement
・Cost Reduction
・Optimization of Manufacturing Products
・Sales Planning
・Quality Control / Purchasing Control
・Training Managing Staff
・Financial Statement Analysis
・ISO 9001 Consultation for KAIZEN
Seminars/training will be tailor-made according to your company situation.
Fee estimation:Upon request.
For any queries about management/business consultation, please contact me by email, phone, or fax.